A professional training company

Be Safe specializes in training for Polish-speaking employees throughout the country. We can guarantee that the Be Safe training ordered by you will meet the current requirements.

This means that as an employer and / or participant of the training, you can be sure that it will be carried out at the highest level. The courses are run by a qualified instructor with many years of experience and the ability to convey content in a simple, interesting and catchy way, so no initial knowledge is required before starting the training.

Documented training - requirements for the employer

The Working Environment Act and the "Regulations on the use of work equipment" (Regulation No. 701 and 703) require employers to provide employees with the necessary training, exercises and instructions in the use of fall protection devices, aerial platforms, mobile platforms, lifting equipment, working with fastening and attaching the load and using dangerous tools.

These requirements also apply to persons who run a one-man activity covered by the Working Environment Act and do not employ additional employees.

Training pays off

Knowledge provides safer jobs, fewer injuries and equipment damage, increased productivity, a more user-friendly workplace, efficiency and profitability.

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